Malaka M. Shwaikh

Malaka newMalaka M. Shwaikh, 24, is a Palestinian. I finished my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Education from the Islamic University of Gaza. I was then awarded a fee waiver to study a Masters in Global Politics and Law in the University of Sheffield. Currently, I am working as the education officer in my University Students’ Union. I was recently elected for the National Executive Committee of the National Union of Students. I believe that education is resistance, politics is power, and the knowledge of law as well as history do make change in the world’s context. In my position as the head of Youth-School Palestine, my message for all youths not only in Palestine but elsewhere is to be educated, passionate, and strong in making their voices heard and in getting the positive change made.


afnan newAfnan Jabr Alqadri

Afnan Jabr Alqadri a Palestinian-Canadian born on the 25th of March 1991 in Dubai/UAE. Afnan studied primary school in Canada at Ridgmount school Hamilton Ontario then continued her high school studies in Palestine/Gaza at Mamdooh Saidam. In 2009, she joined Al-Azhar University to study English Literature graduated in 2015. She is the founder of Our Story an electronic magazine that was designed, written and produced by English students from Al-Azhar University in Gaza\Palestine. The magazine includes many topics, articles and poems written in Arabic, English and French languages; they describe life, war, hope and misery in Palestine. The magazine also includes paintings by Palestinian students which give a visual edge to the production. Afnan’s main interests are writing English poetry and reading, she is fluent in Arabic and English .Recently she works at Al-Azhar University Gaza as a part of the International Relations Unit.


khaled newKhaled Shehab

Khaled is a newly graduate from the Islamic University of Gaza, he studied Business Administration. Khaled likes to pursue activities that involve understanding the world in a broader context. He is a volunteer at the Atlas Center for Israeli Studies and a human rights activist. Among the many apartheid related issues he discusses, Khaled especially sheds light upon the injustice of Palestinian detainees in Israel. His interests extend beyond subjects that are in close proximity to his daily life. He is fascinated by debates and uses his free time to be involved in the activities of a local debate clubs. He hope that learning the skills of debate will help him advocate the Palestinian cause in many occasions around the world. In such ways, Khaled is one member of the Palestinian youth that continually inspires, educates and collaborates with those around him.

Eman newEman Ibrahim

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