bike week


20 June 2010

Team Green Britain Bike Week (19-27 June), the UK’s biggest mass participation cycling event, is challenging everyone to rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as the most convenient way to get around.

YouthSchool, a Scottish registered charity, will be holding its annual cycle fundraiser on the stunning Isle of Arran on Sunday 20 June as part of Team Green Britain Bike Week. Starting from the Auchrannie Hotel, participants will have the choice of cycling around the island, or participating in a more leisurely cycle through the forests around Brodick Castle.

ARRAN will join towns, villages and cities across the UK hosting cycling events with the theme of everyday cycling, for everyone. Events are open to all from total novices to passionate cyclists and will inspire everyone to hop on their bikes and discover the benefits of swapping four wheels for pedal power in Arran. Team Green Britain Bike Week promotes cycling as a practical lifestyle choice that can help the environment and increase fitness levels whilst saving time and money.

Victoria Pendleton, World and Olympic champion cyclist supporting Team Green Britain Bike Week said:

“I would encourage everyone to get involved with Team Green Britain Bike Week. By choosing to cycle to the shops, school or for leisure, you’ll find you get to your destination quicker, save money, get fit and reduce your carbon footprint all at the same time. If everyone were to swap one car journey a day for a bike trip, think of the collective benefit – to our planet, our pockets and our health!”

4 Great reasons to get on your bike:

  • With more and more dedicated cycle-paths across the country, cyclists now have a real alternative to busy main roads!
  • According to Act On CO2, more than half of all car trips are five miles or less – swapping them for a 15 minute bike ride could really help you make savings on fuel costs
  • Cycling is a great way to keep fit. So you could be beating the traffic, saving money, and staying in shape too, all by just choosing to cycle!
  • Cycling can be a great family activity; it’s free, healthy and fun

Ken Imrie, Chairman of YouthSchool, said:

“Plenty of people get in their cars and nip into town without giving it a second thought. Yet hopping on a bike could get you there faster, cheaper and give you a healthy boost along the way. We want everyone to come along and enjoy a day out cycling in Arran and find out how easily cycling can become a part of everyday life.”


Notes to Editors

  1. Using an innovative combination of training and development, micro-finance and business support – YouthSchool helps to transform the lives of young people. With a focus on education and livelihoods it develops working models that create meaningful employment opportunities for youth. For more information visit
  1. Bike Week (19-27 June 2010) is one of the UK’s biggest annual promotions of cycling and provides a national umbrella for locally organised events and activities up and down the UK. For more information visit
  1. Bike Week began as a grass-roots organisation in 1923 and receives funding from the Department for Transport via Cycling England, Transport for London, Northern Ireland Executive, The Welsh Assembly Government and Cycling Scotland with support from the Scottish Government. Bike Week also receives funding from the cycle industry via Bike Hub
  1. The partners that run Bike Week are drawn from the whole cycling community including the cycle industry, Cycling England and Cycling Scotland, Sustrans, CTC and Cyclenation. More information can be found at
  1. Team Green Britain was founded by EDF Energy in partnership with the Eden Project and Global Action Plan, two environmental charities engaged in climate change education and social change. Inspired by London 2012, it is a movement that enables people to live in a more sustainable way. Team Green Britain aims to help Britons reduce their carbon footprint by 2012 and includes advice on how to make everyday journeys as sustainable as possible. To find out more, visit
For media enquiries regarding the Arran Challenge please contact:
Ken Imrie 07883 573914