Enas and Nada , Childhood Innocence.


The war on Gaza has ended. The year of 2014 is also coming to an end. However, suffering and tragedy will still existing whenever this year is mentioned. The war is finished but the real tragedy has only just begun.

People of Gaza strip suffered and lose a lot during this war. People have lost many of their family and loved ones- also their homes and land damaged and destroyed. What hurts more is the children who had suffered many traumatic events at such young age.. Therefore, they were forced to grow up fast. They became more aware about what is going around them. Their eyes shine with courage and sadness at the same time. These are the children of Gaza who taught the world the meaning of courage, endurance, patience and trust in Allah.


Enas, is a Palestinian girl at the age of 13 years. War made her lose her parents, home and her toys room. She held back her tears and said in a sad voice ” Alhamdu li Allah, my parents are now in paradise. I have to complete my life and education to become something important that makes my parents proud of me”. Enas brock down in tears.

She continued” The only thing that scares me is not to achieve the dream of my father that will be something important”.
I felt a chill in my body. What a strong girl !!. She accepted the death of her parents with all faith and patience and is still determined to continue her life.

This girl is really a wonderful example of on who is steadfastness and resolute !


Nada- at the age of 7 years- is another story. Her innocent eyes speak .She lose her father during the war. I met her in Mubarak Hospital in Khanyounis city. She was sitting at Reception next to an elderly woman. Her innocent looks attracted me so I sat down beside her.
I asked : hi, can I sit beside you ?
Nada: sure
Me: What are you doing here ? Are you waiting for someone ?
Nada: My mum will give birth to my brother. I will name him Malek, the same name of my father.
Me: but where is your father now?
Nada: He went to the paradise. He promised me that he would not left me. He will turn to take me with him.

I did not understand what does she mean. The older woman saw my confusion and told me that her father died in front of her as a result of a rocket fragments. Before his death he called his daughter and told her that he loves her too much and he will not leave her. He also asked her to name the coming baby :Malek’ as he is called. Nada is still believing in this promise. I smiled and gave her a light kiss. I also asked her to take care of her new brother” Malek”.

Enas and Nada are a simple sample of the many stories in Gaza. Really, this war has made the kids men who teach the whole world the meanings of resistance, defiance and power.