The anniversary of the Nakba in 1948 .. every year and I’m not okay

On this day every year, I remember the original town of Ashdud , as many other towns, Green Land of citrus and olive

 The land that my grandfather was telling me about. The land of good simple people. In a dark day, some

miscreants attacked on the land and its people, the town became a story of the past.  A story to tell by grandfather to  his grandson

.and tears filled his eyes,

.They said we are refugees, we said we are rebel fighters

.They said we are without a country, we said it will not be long

.They said we  dream of the impossible, we said we will move our ambition  from generation to generation

.Fifty-seven years ago, and like a lifetime

.Five million Palestinian refugees carrying their name and numbers in the United Nations records and Refugee Relief Agency

.Fifty-seven-year-old did not forget our homes and our property or our homes in Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Asdud and Ramle

.Every year in this date we remember our disaster and hope to turn back to our lands

By the way, the state of occupation in the celebration of the Day 14-5 every year of the anniversary of (Israel’s independence), which

.was announced on 05.14.1948 and that was before the withdrawal of British forces from Palestine Day