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YouthSchool to “herald a new dawn for Scotland’s third sector”

Press Release

Date: 28 October 2010

Time: 6.00 pm to 8.00pm

Venue: Glasgow City Chambers

YouthSchool will herald a new dawn for the social enterprise sector in Scotland today, against a backdrop of deteriorating public finances, by launching their innovative approach to youth empowerment which relies less on grant funding and more on enterprising ideas and a determination to succeed.

YouthSchool, a charity based in Glasgow, is developing a range of youth-led social enterprise models using microfinance in place of conventional grant-based funding.

Backed by a custom-designed methodology, developed in partnership with Deva Industries of the US, YouthSchool’s aim is to create sustainable business solutions that provide real jobs for unemployed youth and provide a means to fund and support vital services in disadvantaged communities.

YouthSchool will be holding a prestigious launch event in Glasgow on 28th October 2010, to illustrate some of their current work in the Gaza Strip with young women artists. The drawings will be exhibited and auctioned along with the launch of the Gaza 2011 calendar, incorporating 12 of the images.

Commenting on the launch, Chair of YouthSchool Ken Imrie, said:

“We are delighted to be launching the Gaza 2011 initiative in Glasgow, a city with a rich history and heritage around the world. With record numbers of young people unemployed in the UK and the UN Millennium Development Goal report stating that ‘economies have failed to provide full employment for young people across all regions’, there is a real need to do more to invest in the future of young people. Our motto, “We look for the potential not the problem” is aptly demonstrated by two young women in Gaza that are struggling to survive on a daily basis. This event is a celebration of their work, and a tiny example of what can be achieved where there is a real focus and drive to succeed.”


Editor’s notes:

  1. YouthSchool is a registered Scottish charity based in Glasgow and established since 2009.
  2. YouthSchool’s primary objectives are to assist young people living in disadvantaged communities around the world, to set up their own social enterprise initiatives in their local community.
  3. YouthSchool has recently entered into a partnership with Deva Industries and Sedona Cyberlink in the US to submit a bid to the Rockefeller Foundation in response to the US Presidential initiative to support women’s empowerment, targeted in developing countries such as: Indonesia and Palestine.